Scarlett Raven

A graduate of Central St Martin’s School of Art, Scarlett Raven works predominantly in oil, using her hands rather than a brush. To watch her paint is like watching a conductor: sweeping gestures, arms deep in the momentum of orchestrating paint and whatever else comes to hand. The sculptural nuances of her paintings nod towards Anselm Kiefer. The layers of medium float somewhere between impressionism and expressionism, and Scarlett’s animated style of delivery and free-form manipulation of paint call to mind the canvas-hovering antics of Jackson Pollock.

Marc Marot

Marc Marot has been one of the most consistently successful executives in the UK music industry. He was appointed managing director of Blue Mountain Music (Bob Marley and U2 amongst others) aged 24. He became the president of the Island Universal group of record companies aged 29 years old and remained at the helm for 18 years, working with many of the UK's most successful recording artists including Pulp, The Cranberries, Elbow, P.J Harvey and Irish super group U2. The partnership with Scarlett is his first venture into the world of fine art.


The Danger Tree

The Danger Tree is Scarlett & Marc’s first collection of work together. It was inspired by the haunting words of some of the Great War’s poetic voices and a tragic rendezvous point in one of the bloodiest gardens in human history.

Utilising the technology of augmented reality, oil painter Scarlett Raven and digital artist Marc Marot have created a series of immersive art exhibitions that enkindle the senses. Hidden underneath the oil painting canvas are thousands of other images and elements including animation, archive photographs, music, and renditions of the First World War’s greatest poetry read by some of Britain’s finest actors.

The first ten paintings in the collection were initially revealed in an immersive exhibition in Greenwich on 1st July 2016, a date that commemorated the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme. Since then further exhibitions have been held, including a month at Liverpool’s Martin Luther King Building, part of the National Museums of Liverpool. The body of work in the collection has now expanded to over 30 paintings.

In the media The Danger Tree has garnered such plaudits as “It’s this combination of grief, both personal and national, contemporary and historical that lends substance to this moving, unforgettable exhibition.”

Several new exhibitions have been planned for 2018 including an invitation from Manchester’s prestigious Central Library for a 10 week run in January to March.

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