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Television personality, inspiring entrepreneur and influential content creator Kathryn, rose to fame as a firm fan-favourite after cementing her place in the final of BBC One’s The Apprentice, earlier this year.

Kathryn, 30, who hails from Swindon, may not have walked away from The Apprentice final with Lord Sugar’s investment, but she did walk away with both respect and the backing of the fans, amassing the biggest social following from the series and a host of presenting offers and epic brand collaborations.

Since the series ended Kathryn has relaunched her textile business Pyjamily with her latest Pyjama collection, as seen on the show, selling out almost instantly.  Now carving out her own path and exploring opportunities under the spotlight, it’s important to Kathryn that she remains authentic and humble in all she goes on to do and represent.

Perfectly poised to inspire young entrepreneurship, Kathryn effortlessly balances her unapologetic drive, business ambition and acumen with her passion for health and wealth-being, fitness, travel, music and property, breaking down stereotypical perceptions with integrity and grace as she goes. 

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