We offer a full stack of digital services, from strategy to channel management, from ads to creative, including full content creation services by our in-house graphic design and video editing team. We can act as consultants, develop and execute strategy for your campaign or anything in between.


Crown digital team work with record labels, festivals, brands and talent (music, art, sports, TV and authors)

We can help you define your campaign strategy and goals, and align your digital efforts with your business objectives, describing tactics, tools and implementing control processes to achieve success. Crown can also act as digital project managers or assist in ad-hoc strategy meetings.


We will find and target relevant audiences, with content that resonates with them and drives engagement, with full social channel and community management services available, including CRM. We can define common parameters on your existing market base and extrapolate these characteristics to increase your target audiences.

Crown will build your presence online creating the right content for the right platforms, that resonates with your followers and enables growth and acquisition. We can also handle social channels on your behalf, and keep your online community growing as we feed the conversations happening in these channels.


Our creative services range from photography to video creation and editing, and from graphics to social assets. And if you need a complex creative that will be at the centre of your campaign, we have a vast network of visual creators we can outsource your briefing to. From websites to social posts and influencer marketing, from videos and photoshoots to apps and innovative activations. Mailers, short-form content, visual identity for socials…you name it!


We will define your potential audience and target them accurately, with media buy plans across socials, apps, relevant websites and videos. We will create retargeting pools and segment your audience to increase performance, impressions and CTR, and define the characteristics of creative that will increase performance your media buy campaigns.


For music recording artists, Crown can analyse streaming and digital sales data, and improve monetisation of recordings and videos on the digital services.


We love data and will reveal insights and action points that will improve your reach and campaign performance, either as one-off reports or delivered regularly to assess the development of the strategy.


Our in-house graphics team are overly equipped to handle all your design needs.  The team works across the group providing anything from logo creation to artwork design, merchandise to advertisements, production pitches to business development plans.