Bob Bonis was an experienced USA tour manager who cut his teeth working for Frank Sinatra and many of the greatest Big Bands in the 1950’s. In the early 60’s he was persuaded to take on two young bands embarking on their first USA tours; The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Bob was a great amateur photographer, who always carried a trusty Leica wherever he went. He tour managed both bands from 1964 to 1967, capturing 900 Beatles shots and 3,800 Rolling Stones.

After Bob’s death, his son Alex discovered the negatives stored in boxes in the attic. The shots had never been seen before. Crown Arts has created a JV to exploit this incredibly valuable archive, and is leading the exploitation and marketing side of the venture.

We are in the advanced stages of creating a TV documentary with SunDog Productions along with a major exhibition which will launch in 2016, creating multiple product lines and merchandising. We envisage that the exhibition will travel the world over the next four years and we already have multiple offers to show it.

The photographs will be made available for sale in limited editions. The exhibition is being designed as a unique Augmented Reality (AR) experience with each photograph telling its own hidden story. In order to fully understand the AR concept we urge you to download the Blippar app onto your Phone or Tablet from any app store, and point it at a print of this image…. but make sure that the sound is up. Once you are watching, feel free to touch the screen at any point.

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