Established in 2016, Crown Arts & Entertainment leads the company’s expansion into the world of art, as well as the development and production of film and multi-media projects, including immersive exhibitions utilising new and burgeoning technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality. 

Already signed to Crown Arts & Entertainment are the incredible talents of Scarlett Raven & Marc Marot, an oil painter and digital artist who are reinventing the way we look at art. And our latest signing, Anthony Brown, is a Liverpool based artist whose mixed media paintings of cultural icons are gaining critical and commercial attention. 

Several exciting and innovative multi-media projects are also in development with the intention of Crown Arts & Entertainment building a distinctive and commercial intellectual property portfolio for domestic and international markets.

Heading Crown Arts & Entertainment is Andy Frain, the founder and former CEO of Manga Entertainment Ltd, the renowned anime distribution company. Whilst running the company he released and marketed over 100 anime features, purchased and rebranded Dark Horse Comics UK, built one of the UK’s first CGI studios and co-produced a number of animation features including “Ghost in the Shell”. 

Anthony Brown
Scarlett Raven & Marc Marot
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